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Our Kayak Equipment

We hand select all of our equipment by testing the key factors that can make or break a trip. Our equipment is tested for stability, speed, comfort, tracking.

A kayak that is too short can argue with you about the direction you are trying to go. They are difficult to paddle straight and this can get very frustrating. A kayak that is too narrow can cause instability and will be more than happy to assist you into the water! A kayak that is too wide can be like trying to paddle a jon boat up a waterfall! If you're looking for that kind of work out we recommend Crossfit! A poorly shaped design on the bottom of a kayak can cause an accumulation of all three issues: slow, unstable, and difficult to steer. One last thing that you should consider in a kayak is its comfort level. A poorly designed seat can make you turn back before you even get warmed up! Not only have we considered each and every one of these obstacles, we have learned through our own personal experience what is the best fit for our guest and the area we paddle! We want our guests to be as comfortable as there "sleep number" when paddling with us. Sure, it cost quite a bit more to provide the high quality equipment we offer, but we think it is well worth it when you are carefree and full of smiles on our tours!

Our Advantage...

Only J & L goes the extra step when it comes to providing the right equipment for your tour. There are many different types of kayaks out there for many different price ranges. A good kayak can make a huge difference in your experience on the water. No other company offers the level of quality in equipment that we do. From the smallest detail up to the kayak there is no contest! Our advantage is we have been providing tours in the North Myrtle Beach area since 2009 and have learned what equipment is the best fit! Each of our kayaks are selected to fit individual comfort, ability, and safety. Every detail of our kayaks, paddles, and jackets are geared with our guest best interest in mind not our wallets. We spend the extra to provide the "extra" for you as our guest. Reserve a tour with us today and see the difference that has made us top ranked kayak guide service in the area since 2012!