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Frequent Questions
about kayaking

with J & L Kayak Tours

• What if I have never kayaked before?


Never Kayaked?

That is no problem; in fact, the majority of our tours are with first time kayakers. Our tour guides have years of experience kayaking and will be with you all the way. The tour guides will deliberately go out of the way to make sure you are comfortable and getting the hang of it. Kayaking is easy to learn, but we caution you... it is very addictive!

• What time do your tours launch?


Tour schedule?

You can see a calendar of our scheduled tours by clicking any of the "Book Now" buttons on the website. It is our mission to individually plan each and every kayak tour so that it allows for the best possible experience for you as our guest. We can customize specific request for launch times for most tours. If you would like to customize a tour time call us at 843-877-0555 to see how she can accomodate you.

• What should I bring with me?


What to bring?

We reccomend bringing the following items with you: Brimmed Hat, Sunblock, Water shoes, Sunglasses, Towel, Snacks, Extra Water.

We will bring: Ice Water, Waterproof bag for small items, all kayaking equipment, wacky-fun knowledgeable guide!

• What should I wear?


What to wear?

We recommend wearing swimsuits or other clothing you don't mind getting wet or swimming in. Be sure to have lightweight clothing to wear over swimming suits for extra sun protection. Water shoes and wide brimmed hats are also reccomended for sun protection.

• Is there a weight limit for kayaking?


Weight Limits?

Yes, we abide by the manufacturer's weight restrictions for each kayak or paddleboard. Our kayaks can accomodate weight ranges up to 325lbs for a single kayak and 500lbs combined weight for tandem kayaks.

• What is the age limit to participate?


Age Restriction?

Yes, the age limit for kayaking is ages 2 and up for our kayaking tours. Our young guest between ages 2-4 can ride along for free if sitting in "booster" seat of a tandem kayak. (The booster seat is a middle seat in our tandems designed for our small guest.) The age restriction for paddleboards is age 10 and up. Small children ages 2-6 can ride with a parent provided weight does not exceeed manufacturer limits.

• What if I fall out of my kayak?


Unintenional Swim?

Falling out of a kayak is very rare; however, there is always a risk for it to happen. Your guide is well trained for such instances and will assist you. All of our tours are done in calm waters. If you are a weak/inexperienced swimmer or have a fear of the water we reccomend you wear your flotation at all times while in the kayak.

• What is the difficulty level?



All of our tours are planned according to when the most advantageous conditions are available. In addition, you tour guides are very knowledgeable of the tides, winds, and other challenges. They know just the right routes and just where to paddle so that your tour is as easy as possible. In most cases, each of our tours are done with currents in your favor and are great for first time kayakers.

• What if there is bad weather?


Bad weather?

We do not cancel tours because of light rain; however, if you wish to reschedule your tour because of rain we will do our best to accomodate you at a later time. If tour is not cancelled by J & L Kayaking management then standard cancellation policy still applies. In the event weather conditions are unsafe or hazardous then we will cancel effected tours. Again we will do our best to accomodate you at a later time or provide a full refund of any payment/deposit made.

• Do I need to have a reservation?



Yes, all kayaking and paddleboard tours require a reservation. Reservations can be made up to two hours before tour time. Our guides must have enough notice to ensure they have all equipment needed for the tour. Reservations can be made online, over the phone, or in person at our office location.

• Are tips included in the tour price?



We believe tips should be your decision so we leave that up to you and do not include it in the price of the tour. If you feel that your tour guide did a fantastic job and would like to reward them with a little extra you are welcome to offer a gratuity. Your guide can accept them!

• What kind of kayaks do you use?


Our Equipment?

We have been providing guided tours longer than any other guide service in the area. We have grown through experience and guest feedback on the best equipment for our area. We use USA made Wilderness Systems and Perception Sit-on-top Kayaks for our tours. There tracking and ease of paddle are some of the best in the industry. All of our kayaks have a comfortable back support and foot braces. For more information about our kayaks and other equipment visit "Our Equipment" page to learn more about the equipment we use. In addition, we also offer a variety of equipment from Pelican Kayaks that are available in our rental packages.

• Do you have sit-inside kayaks?



Due to our experince we no longer offer sit-inside kayaks. Sit-inside kayaks are notorious for getting very hot in the cavity areas of the kayak which can make the pilot (you) uncomfortably hot. Sit-on-top kayaks allow the ocean breeze to help keep you cool while paddling. There are also advantages to safety in using sit-on-tops verse a sit-inside. If you would like to know more, please call: 843-267-6816.

• Do I have to wear my personal flotation jacket?


Wearing PFD's?

We recommend wearing your PFD; however, we do not require you to wear it during your tour. All of our tours are done in smooth calm waters and it is rare for a paddler to fall out of the kayak during our tours. You should consider your physical abilities and your skill level for swimming when deciding whether or not you wear your PFD. **State law requires children under 12yrs of age to wear their PFD (fully zipped/buckled) at all times while in the kayak.

• Can I bring my own kayak on your tour?


BYO Equipment?

We invite you to bring your own equipment on our tours if you wish; however, we strongly encourage the use of our equipment. Our equipment has been tested and proven to be very efficient for the environment that we paddle in. Our kayaks and equipment are regularly checked for safety prior to each tour. Your tour guide can not be responsible for any incidents arising by guest using their own equipment on our tours. To get the best experience on our tours we recommend that you let us handle the work of loading and unloading so all you have to do is show up and go! If you choose to bring you own equipment please arrive an additional 30 min prior to scheduled arrival time to allow yourself time to unload your equipment. Tours can not be delayed for guest using their own equipment.**Sorry, due to trailering for the River Tour all guest must use provided equipment.

• Do I get a discount for using my own equipment?


Equipment Discount?

Unfortunately, our tours have a low maximum occupancy so that each guest can get the best service from our guides. Our tours are limited by the number of kayaks and because your kayak will occupy one of those slots we do not offer a discount beyond any regularly discounted rates or specials we are offering.

• Can you accomodate large groups?


Large Groups?

Yes! We recommend at least 3 weeks advance notice for your group reservation. We specialize in group events and have provided many trips for sporting teams, scout groups, youth groups, reunions, and more. We can customize your group event to your request.

• Can I purchase a gift certificate?


Gift Certificates?

Yes! for your convenience we offer gift certificate purchase online! You can also call Laurie to purchase one over the phone if you would like a printed gift certificate.
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• Are private tours available?


Private Tours?

Yes! Private tours are available and can be customized to fit your wishes. We can customize your kayak type (Sit-in, Sit-on, touring, or sea kayak), location, distance, etc...If you would like to schedule a private outing with us contact Laurie at 843-877-0555. We can accommodate almost any request for private tours. Private tours are led by a certified ACA Instructor.

• Is alcohol bevarages allowed during tour?


Alcohol Beverages?

State Law prohibits the use of alcohol while operating any watercraft or vessell. In compliance with state law and the safety and comfort of all our guess we do not allow alcohol to be consumed during our tours. Your tour guide can point you in the right direction after the tour of some great local places for you to enjoy a celebratory drink with your friends or family!